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Supply List


Thank you in advance for any supplies you can provide for our class. Please do not label the supplies for individual use as supplies will be for the entire class.


*box of tissues

*wet wipes

*disinfecting wipes

*hand sanitizer

*colored pencils

*color crayons

*glue sticks

*small dixie cups

*paper plates - large or small

*plastic spoons

*small paper lunch bags


Snacks - served everyday before recess

You know what your child would like but please don't send cookies or other sugary snacks. Some students may be allergic to peanut butter or milk products to be careful.


*fresh fruit or vegetables (celery, apples, strawberries, grapes, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes) - washed, cut and ready to serve

*cheese sticks


*graham crackers, goldfish, or other crackers


*popcorn or pirate booty

*jellos or applesauce - individual pakcs

*small granola bars

*box of cereal

*fruities, gummy worms - individual packs