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Mrs. Munoz

Mrs. Munoz


My name is Marion Munoz. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I worked in banking for over 20 years, and then decided to pursue my next career in Elementary Education.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University. Soon after, I began working on my Master’s Degree in Education Leadership and Supervision from Northern Arizona State University.

In 2014, I completed my Arizona Teacher’s Credential. I taught 5th grade for two years at Esperanza Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona, where I enjoyed many parents, staff and students!

My first year teaching here in the East Bay was here at Federal Terrace last year. My 3rd Grade students had an amazing year! I admired their determination to do their best each day, that in turn I made the decision to move forward with them this 2015-2016 school year to 4th Grade! J


Mrs. Munoz, 4th Grade Teacher


Here are some fun facts about me that my students already know.

What is my favorite food? – Tamales

Where have I to (besides Phoenix, AZ)? - Maui, Belize

What city do I live in? -Dublin

What is my daughter’s name? - Tabitha

What is my only granddaughter’s name? Mackenzie