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Grade 5

Incoming 5th Grader Information

Dear Incoming 5th Graders,

First of all...NICE JOB THIS PAST SCHOOL YEAR!! Hopefully you worked to your personal best and we know you are ready for your vacation. Your new 5th grade teachers believe in "life-long learning"  which means that learning does not only happen in the classroom. In an effort to continue your progress, we are assigning a summer homework packet. This packet will include:

* Math worksheets for the end of 3rd grade AND end of 4th grade. ( We are expecting the students to do BOTH sets of math work. All we are asking is that they try!)

*Reading Response Prompts

*Book Lists to jump start summer reading

*Reading Games

In order to be successful over the summer you will NEED plenty of books to read that you ENJOY AND a spiral journal or binder paper in a folder. WE ARE REQUIRING THAT you read 45-60 minutes AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE! In order to get credit for doing this packet, we are requiring a minimum of 30 reading responses in the journal/folderWe are asking that the responses be clearly labeled with the question and what response number it is.   The response to each prompt should be a minimum of 1 full paragraph that is thoughtful and shows that they read the book.

THIS PACKET IS DUE FRIDAY AUGUST 21st by the end of the day!

If you did everything that is assigned AND turned the packet in on time, you will be rewarded by your teacher! We have something special planned that we will announce at the beginning of the school year!


Supply List for 2015-2016

This year we are asking students to bring the following supplies. 

*11/2 inch or smaller binder

* 5 dividers - labels will be calendar, homework, language arts, math, reflections

*5 packs of college ruled lined paper - to stay in the classroom and be distributed as necessary


* Pens - blue and black ink only

* Highlighters - variety of colors

* Erasers

* Backpack

* Expo Markers black preferred 

* 1 box of Kleenex

* 1 ream of white copy paper

* 1 SMALL pencil box or bag that will fit inside student desk


** PLEASE NO PENCIL SHARPENERS! We will sharpen pencils in class with the electronic sharpener. **


Supplies for homework to stay at HOME                            Donation Ideas

* Rulers                                                                                  * Kleenex

* Crayons/colored pencils                                                         * Hand Sanitizer

* Scissors                                                                               * Clorox Wipes non bleach OR baby wipes

* Dictionary                                                                              * Glue Sticks

* Compass/Protractor                                                               * Lined paper - college ruled

* Index Cards                                                                           * Pencils - not mechanical

* Tablet/Laptop with internet access for research                        * Copy paper white and colored

and other assignments