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Ms. Vevoda

My name is Katie Vevoda and I'm teaching 4th grade at Federal Terrace Elementary. Over the past 12 years, I’ve taught K,  2nd, and 4th grade around Vallejo.  I graduated with my BA from Sonoma State in 2002 and my MA from John F. Kennedy University in 2014.  I am a school nerd at heart.  
I grew up in Northern California on a dairy farm.  My parents and one of my brothers still run the dairy that has 1500 cows and other various farm animals.  I have 5 brothers that have given me numerous nieces and nephews.  
I have very high expectations for your student and I look forward to teach them about California History, multiplication, division and in depth science!  
I can’t wait to spend the next year growing and learning with your child! Bring on the new year!  
Favorite Food: Italian and Chocolate   
Hobby: Reading, Scrapbooking and Netflix
Drinks of Choice:  Iced Lattes, Dr. Pepper,  Club Soda
Favorite Stores: Target, Costco, Michaels, Amazon
Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series