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Welcome baby Jasmine!!
Welcome baby Jasmine!!

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Ms. Martinez

May Book Project

For the month of May students may read any book they'd like fiction or non fiction except a picture book. This book must be a minimum of 150 pages long.

Students will then create a scrapbook page that includes

* Title/author/genre

* Theme

* Character

* Setting

* Problem/Solution

* Your opinion

Downloadable instructions can be found on the right hand side of our page under the class locker 

Please see me if you need construction paper etc.


April Book Project: Historical Fiction Flip Book

Historical Fiction: A type of fiction with stories retelling life in the past using real places and events, characters are sometimes fictional.

Examples: Ben and Me, Bound for Oregan, Johnny Tremain, Little House on the Prairie, The Watsons go to Birmingham, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry,Two Tickets to Freedom



Directions for Assembling the Book:

Use three sheets of computer paper.  Holding them together vertically, fan the sheets out, placing one on top of the other, approximately 3/4 inch apart, from the bottom of each sheet.  Hold them in that fanned position, and fold down all three papers from the top, so there are equal sized sections.  You should end up with a wider title page on top and five sections below.  Place two staples on the fold line using a special long-reach stapler.


Book Information to be IncludedLabel the page edges (see picture above).


Title Page (top section):  Include the title of the book, the author, your name and date, and the genre of the story.  Draw a picture to represent the title of the book.

Setting:  Tell where and when the story took place.  Include any details to help the reader learn about the time period and setting.

Characters:  Tell all about the main characters, who they were, and a little bit about them.  Are they related?  Did anyone do anything interesting, special, or courageous? Draw sketches of the characters.

Problems and Solutions:  Choose four problems from the story and the solutions to each problem and tell about them.  You can put two problems in each section.  Include a sketch if it helps the explanation.

In My Opinion:  Give your opinions about the book, the character, problems and solutions, etc.  Is this a book you would recommend to someone?  What makes you feel that way?  Give facts from the text to support your opinions.

Interesting Information or Timeline:  In this section tell interesting things you learned from your book.  You can draw or create a timeline of events if it is appropriate to the story you read. 


Be creative! Use color, special lettering, add your own personal touches and make this project something you are proud of!   Neatly print the text.  You may also use the computer to word process the text.  Clipart use is also acceptable.  



Monthly Reading Project Schedule

Due Date Genre Project



character highs and lows
2/29/16 fantasy reading is a gift
4/4/16 Newbery Award Winning Book any genre Character Traits poster
4/29/16 Historical Fiction Flip Book
5/31/16 Your Choice Scrapbook


Welcome to Room 22

Ms. Martinez

Hi! My name is Miranda Martinez! This year I'm teaching a 4/5th combo here at Federal Terrace Elementary. Over the past 9 years, I’ve taught 1st,3rd, 4th and 5th grades around Vallejo. I have also taught 1st-5th grade as a support teacher. 

I grew up here in Vallejo and attended Beverly Hills Elementary, Vallejo Junior High and Vallejo Sr. High School. I graduated from Sonoma State University in 2006 with my BA in Liberal Studies, I finished my teaching credential while doing an internship here in Vallejo in 2007 and then went back and completed a Masters in Reading and Language Arts in 2010 as well as completing the coursework for my Reading Specialist Credential. I enjoy learning and look forward to continuing my education. 



 I can’t wait to spend the next year growing and learning with your child! 


 Please feel free to contact me at or here at school 707-556-8460



 Here is a little more information about myself…


 Favorite Food: Chocolate and Mexican food 

 Hobby: Reading, Scrapbooking and photography

 Favorite Team: Oakland Athletics

 Drink of Choice: Water

 Favorite Color: Purple

 Favorite Stores: Target, Michael's

Contact Me!



Classroom Expectations




Come to school ready to learn and have fun!

Classroom Supplies

*11/2 inch or smaller binder
* 5 dividers 
*college ruled lined paper 
* Pens - blue and black ink only
* Highlighters - variety of colors
* Erasers
* Backpack
* Expo Markers black preferred 
* 1 SMALL pencil box or bag 

Homework Assignments


Math assignment

30-50 minutes of reading

30 minutes of assignments



Reading Log 

Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Writing Assignment



Book Project