Transitional Kinder

TK Class

To:                  Parents of Mrs. Troughton’s TK class – Room 4

From:            Mrs. Troughton

Date:              Sept. 8, 2014

It is such a pleasure to have all of your children in my class. Each one is special to me. Our students are learning much and having fun in TK: singing, read-aloud, sorting, drawing, gluing, and now cutting. Of course we learn how to use these “tools” first.

I am so happy to hear good reports from home. It is so important to ask your children what they did in school that day when it may be fresher in their mind. I hope they can tell the story of Chester Raccoon in The Kissing Hand.

Thank you so much to the parents who attended Back-to-School Night on Thursday. The agenda and a wish list have been sent home if you were unable to attend.

Also I would like to offer a HUGE thank you to parents who have been volunteering in the classroom. Your help is always so welcome: preparing activities, helping with snack and restroom time, and generally keeping another eye on the students.

You should have received the monthly homework packet that Mrs. Troughton sent home Sept. 3. Attached is the reading log. Please read to your child each day. Return the reading log on Fridays in the red folder.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to schedule a conference with you if you have concerns or thoughts to share.

Back to School Night

Back to School Night

Federal Terrace TK


       Welcome parents and families to our annual Back to School Night. Room 4 welcomes you to Federal Terrace. Here at Federal Terrace we are working hard to build a strong family-school community. I personally welcome you to our school and look forward to a wonderful year. Please sign in and sign up! (Volunteers are super appreciated!)


Hours/First Activity:

       TK begins at 9:00a.m. and ends at 1:00p.m. It is good to bring students about 5 minutes early just so they get a chance to line up outside the door with their lovely smiles and both you and the student hear Mrs. Troughton announce the opening activity.

Please do help them:

1. remove their lunch and red folder from their backpack

2. place the lunch and backpack in the cubby

3. (If applicable) place the red folder in the wire basket

4. hang the jacket or sweater on a hook

5. begin their opening activity; currently we are working on recognizing our names and learning the letters in our name.

Last, checkmark home or school lunch

Tonight’s Agenda:

expectations for TK learning

daily routine


birthdays – 24-hr notice; at lunch time       

volunteers: sign up; sign-in at office

snack: sign-up

lunch: pay, free, drop-off

TK age: remind your neighbors

TK/4th grade buddies




Classroom Wishlist: (some are additions)

2 bags of lunch paper bags (puppets)

old clothes (dress-up and imagination)

box of toothpicks (math)

package of thin white paper plates (art)

glitter (art)

box of bandaids

large ziplock bags

glue sticks

disinfecting wipes

baby wipes

regular #2 pencils, prefer no eraser

copy paper

colored construction paper



Homework Information

Otherwise, we will have 3 homework items for TK students:

  1. Monthly HW calendar – Comes home at the beginning of each month.  Please work on this all month.  Return it at the end of the month in the red Federal Terrace folder for a special homework prize from our treasure box!


  2. Weekly Reading Log – Comes home on Mondays.  Please read to your child every day.  Return it on FRIDAYS in the red Federal Terrace folder.

    I always recommend reading to children books that they enjoy on subjects that they enjoy. At this age our goal is for them to acquire a love of reading. This may include books we send home, books you have at home, and books from the library. JFK Library, 505 Santa Clara St., has a wonderful children’s library; and the librarians are very willing to help you select books.

          The weekly reading log will begin on Monday, Sept. 8.


  1. Special Family Projects – When special family projects come home, instructions and due dates will be attached.  Please do them as you are able to; we can’t wait to see what you all create together!